It might be under the surface now, but every great port once had its Sailortown - each one shaping and marking the other as indelibly as a tattoo on a forearm.

And every Sailortown was different, a bustling, jostling waterfront where the exotic and the everyday intertwined. Where faces, ships and stories came and went with the tide.

Sailortown Every Port
Sailortown people

Sailortown has no airs and graces. It's plain - spoken even when, as often happens, the tale is tall. There's humour here too, a refusal to take things too seriously.

And like the stories behind every Sailortown, our influences are universal. We draw on an Irish craft brewing tradition but look across time and oceans to a quintessential Americana spirit. It's not nostalgia, it's a celebration of a simpler, more authentic era.